project excitement



much better words for explaining the physical sensations that accompany the creation of something grand.  something in the future.  something that, you just know, will top any other of your projects so far.  even for just a little while.

the trick is to turn this high.  this fever.  into soaring.  flying.  before the crash.  because highs are followed by a crash.  fevers are followed by a deep undreaming slumber.  project excitement needs to keep moving forward.

hoist a sail and use the wind to keep going.

i’m out of inspiring metaphors.  i’ll leave it here.  suffice it to say, i’m excited.



I had someone to do the translations for me.  Six measley lines.  But she’s gone all MIA on me.


Let’s face it, if you’re smart enough to know your type, you’re more likely to get cast.  And, if you’re willing to play a stereotype or make fun of a specific culture, you’re also more likely to get cast.

Most producers and casting directors are fully aware of this and bluntly state the type for which they seek.

But then I discovered this posting and it made me fume a little:

Seeking actors 18-40 who are high energy, extremely adept at improv and decent to excellent in 80’s style singing and movement. There is a per show stipend commensurate with experience and commitment to project. This is an ongoing production that will travel all over Mass and RI.

Louis Fenterstock: Uber 80’s Nerd- best friend is a Rubik’s CUbe
Bender: Breakfast Club Bad Boy
Principal Snelgrove: Total Tool Principal 35-55.
Fueng Schwey (Long Duck Dong): Asian Exchange Student, needs to be someone who can kindly poke fun at their culture-my apologies going in…..
Inga: Swedish exchange student. Sexy and dumb as a post.

So, what’s the problem?!

A drawn out explanation and an apology is provided for the male actor who will be playing an out-dated Asian stereotype, directly followed by a plain old insultive stereotype with nary an apology in sight: “Inga: Swedish exchange student.  Sexy and dumb as a post.”

Seriously, folks, let’s play fair.  If you feel the need to apologize than go for it; it certainly can’t hurt.  But if that’s the case, then include everyone in that apology.

Discovering Who

I’m entrenched in the local community theatre scene right now.  I’m not entirely sure it’s to my liking, but here I sit.  For now.

The joys come from getting to know my cast.

They are a delightful, eclectic, and all around friendly bunch.

One admitted to me tonight that this was only his second show ever.  I’d assumed he was a regular in the theatre community crowd.  He has a presence, and good instinct when he allows it.  He also said because of this experience, he’d probably do some more.  I was delighted that I could help him know that he does indeed like this crazy art, and it’s not such a bad thing to have in your life.

It’s these little moments of clarity and honor that make up for the many moments of stress and irritation.

Fortinbras, Day One

Ah…the read thru.

It is done.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Fortinbras is almost cast.




If you missed the first round, it’s not too late to audition for Fortinbras and The 15-Minute Hamlet.  Directed by me, of course.  At Nashua Theatre Guild.

Monday and Tuesday, 6:30-9.

Cold reads from the script.  No experience needed.  No prior Shakespeare needed either.

For more info, go to www.nashuatheatreguild.org